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What is Cleburne's Division Wagoneers

In the War Between the States wagons were valued for transporting supplies, powder, wounded, water and forage.   It is our intent to rekindle that same value for the hobby. Our Wagoneers have refilled canteens during long, hot battles, moved supplies from one strategic location to another, transported wounded to the hospital, carried medical professionals and supplies as first responders and transported rounds to reload the troops, all on the march.  We are a skilled set of Wagoneers dedicated to the War of Northern Aggression Re-enacting. Our members come from various walks of life and offer numerous and diverse skill sets. Our Wagon Master has been in the hobby since the mid 1990's, starting out with Mounted Artillery, moving over to the Cavalry and up the ranks there. He has been driving hitches since the 1980's, is proficient in his deeds, and remains mindful that a great deal remains to learn. Our Division strives to be an asset to the hobby and any events we attend. Our familiarity with different branches of the army, their function and charge is the foundation to our safely functioning on the field.  Dressing as civilian teamsters allows us to go on either side of the field and enhances our versatility.  Due to the close proximity of our members we frequently challenge our personal skills as well as our teams. We have a can-do attitude and are willing to do anything when it is possible for our wagon and team to safely do so.  Every assignment has its own unique challenges.  Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and shine.  The challenges given to our Wagoneers by the hobby have been invaluable.  We look forward to utilizing our experience and expertise to assist your next event and rekindle the spirit of our inimitable history.


Wagoneer Guidelines (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Some Wagon Pictures 

Reenatcing Wagoneers Forum - Discussion Group for Wagoners impressions

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January 2010 PowerPoint Presentation

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