Re-enacting Experiences:


We have been at several national event as well as smaller local events.

Currently I have an 1880ís John Deere Freight wagon.

John Deere Triumph Mud Wheel Floating tongue wagon.

Rebuilt Rock Island Plow Works farm wagon.

A wagon to use as an Ambulance Made of Walnut. Traded to a local friend for 2 more wagons.

1 Horse/Mule Spring Wagon.

I currently have a 3 seated fringe top surrey, and a 2 seater. Plus a few more vehicles.


The wagons are pulled by Mules.


I have been a re-enactor for many years, starting with Mounted Artillery, Moving to the Cavalry as a Terry Texas Ranger, and now just provide Wagons.


We use the wagons in Battle as a fought over supply wagon train. Ambulance during battle, fire wood hauler, Company troop movements hauling supplies, and water supply for the troops on the field during hot battles.


Feb 2007 I delivered the bride to her period wedding at an event in the John Deere Wagon. The next week I used the 3 Seated Surrey to deliver the brides maids and bride to a wedding.


March 2007 we were the supply wagons for the armies supplies on a 4 day campaign in La. Called Banks Grand Retreat <<Pictures Here>>
Other Banks Grand Retreat Pics:
    Troy Groves
    Brian Hicks -
    Paul Arentz -


Testimonials and Comments:


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