Testimonials and Comments:


Banks Grand Retreat:


"I am not sure how to properly begin other than saying "thanks" from the bottom of my heart.  If I were providing a reference I would say that you are a "must" in any mobile campaing-style event.  From my first conversations with you in the fall up through winter and into the spring I had the chance to get to know you as well as is possible via phone and email.  Your communications were thorough and you never left messages unanswered.  From the beginning you said that you were a "can do" guy and you talked the talk and walked the walk.  You were willing to cooperate, volunteer your ideas when needed, and be a team player.  You were also willing to take time and travel to the event site to scout things out.  Beyond that, you coordinated two wagons, two teams of mules, two drivers, two swampers, and two scouts and also helped me a great deal in getting the artillery lined up.  Beyond that, you aided in pre-figuring hay purchases and set it up.  When you arrived on the site on Wednesday mid-day, I knew I had a pro on my hands.  You were coordinating a small fleet of super-duty trucks, trailers, wagons, guns, cassions, and men.  It was a heck of a sight!  In short order you organized men and had necessary tasks (like pre-dropping hay) completed.  During the event you and your two wagons went wherever we needed whenever we needed.  Not once did you gripe, complain, or bitch.  Considering all your hay was pre-dropped in areas we had to quickly abandon, you promptly switched adjusted on the fly without missing a step.  For five days you subjected your rigs, your tack, your animals, and your people to whatever the terrain or situation warranted.  FEW, and I mean few, folks would have done this in the way you did.  Wagons were a critical element in Civil War era armies- they carried food, ammunition, baggage, tools, and other items.  Your two wagons filled those roles in stunning style.  The event could not and would not have happened without you.  I mean that.


In closing, I would say that I wouldn't want to attempt a future event without you on board.  You have a level-headed, common-sense approach and a fantastic "get it done" attitude.  You are not a quitter nor are you rattled easily.  Those are pretty damned important traits in my book."


"I can not express enough my thanks for you and your fellows and all you did to make BGR a success. I hope to again some day meet you boys on a trail."
"We enjoyed having you fellows, y'all did a great job supplying the troops with their needs. We appreciate you being there very much."
"Nathan - for once we got close to the traditional axle
to troop ratio, something the hobby rarely does. And
the way you guys worked it via interior roads and such
was just what the real deal trains did.

We the pursuers had great fun trying to determine
wagon ruts from cannon ruts, and oxen leavings from
mule leavings.

You made an incalcuable contribution to the event...in
fact, we could not have done it without you.




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